Become a Partner

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Own a drone? Want to be an owner/operator? If your drone meets the following criteria and you are interested in taking your flight training to the next level, keep reading:

  • Heavy lift drone with minimum 10KG payload capacity
  • Maximum drone/load weight of 25KG
  • 4G/LTE data link
  • Minimum 1 hr flight time
  • Hybrid gas/electric motor
  • Remote, attach/release for standard milk crate 12 x 12 x 10 inches
  • Detect and Avoid (DAA): BVLOS collision avoidance
  • Return to Home (RTH): Lost signal Safety

Our partner drone supplier has drones that meet the above criteria. We have a special 25 percent discount for those that sign on for training authorized by Transportation Canada through Brampton Flight Centre. There’s a 28 day wait time for drone delivery so order soon.

Training consists of both theory and practical courses. In addition, you will be given instruction on pre-flight inspection and regular maintenance of your drone.

Order your Heavy Lift Hybrid 10KG payload drone here:

Sign on for advanced flight training and Special Flight Operation Certifcation (SFOC) for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operation here:

Our partners can also provide vehicular fulfillment. The following opportunities for ride share, pickup and delivery are available exclusively or in conjunction with drone operators:

  • 4 door passenger vehicles
  • Minivans/SUV’s
  • Pickup/Tow Trucks
  • Cube vans/straight trucks

Insurance and corresponding license class are required to become a partner driver.

Pedestrial, cycle and ebike fulfillment opportunities are also available to those that operate in city centres and densely populated areas.